The Science Of Precision Coatings



For over 70 years, Armoloy TDC® has been the first name in thin dense chrome plating.  A precision coating that is effectively applied at .00005” to .0006”, Armoloy TDC® enhances the wear properties of precision components without the need for secondary machining operations. 

 Armoloy TDC® is a very thin, hard surface application with hardness values up to 78Rc and exceptional wear properties.   Protection from abrasive and erosive wear, as well as adhesive wear such as scoring, galling, seizing, is greatly enhanced.  Taber wear index values are less than 1.2 TWI as required by AMS 2438. 

 Unlike traditional hard chrome, Armoloy TDC® is a dense, crack free coating that provides corrosion resistance equivalent to 440 stainless steel and exceeds AMS 2438 requirements for salt fog testing. For applications requiring exceptional corrosion or chemical resistance, the Armoloy Bi-Protec coating adds an underlayer of electroless nickel for upgraded defense against corrosive wear. 

Due to the thin nature of the coating, part tolerances and surface finish are generally not affected.  The coating itself follows the microscopic variations of the part surface and finishes remain unaffected above 8 RMS.  Surfaces below 8RMS can be coated but required specialized pre-processing and should be discussed with an application engineer prior to coating.  The coating itself is highly lubricous, with coefficient of friction values as low as .12 vs .20 for uncoated steel.


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Automation + Linear Motion

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Food Processing And Packaging

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